Ending Homelessness Through Education and Advocacy


The Columbus Coalition for the Homeless (CCH) was founded in 1986 and incorporated in 1988 by a group of Columbus shelter directors and service providers who recognized that homelessness could not be resolved by a single program or agency.  CCH has been the voice of homeless persons struggling to overcome problems caused by poverty, unemployment, the lack of affordable housing, physical and mental health issues and chemical dependency.

CCH is a private, non-profit (501c3) consortium of 40 service providers, homeless persons, and citizens which meets monthly to collaborate on strategies which will best serve the needs of people who are currently homeless.



To advocate for social and economic justice by holding systems accountable, and to create humane policies and programs that respond to the needs of homeless persons.

  • Participation in local Continuum of Care
  • Homeless Persons Needs Assessment Survey
  • Developing on-going strategies to help prevent homelessness


To educate the Central Ohio community about people who are homeless: the social, economic, legal conditions, institutions, and systems that cause them to become homeless.

To educate homeless people about their rights and the services which are available to them.

  • Annual Forum on Homeless Issues
  • Homeless Awareness Week
  • Streetcard program
  • Speaker’s Bureau program

Alliance Building

To facilitate a broad base of participation for our common purpose from a wide range of service providers, currently and formerly homeless people, and others who desire to promote the mission and goals of the Coalition.

  • Coalition Constituency Meetings
  • Community and Agency Participation
  • Outreach & Outreach Resource Center


To organize homeless people to frame their own agenda and to effectively advocate for themselves in all appropriate federal, state, and local arenas.