Street speech

What is street speech?

Street Speech is a monthly street newspaper program started by Coalition VISTAs in 2007.  Since then it has grown to a circulation of about 6,000 per  month.  The newspaper employs approximately 40 licensed vendors who have experience of homelessness.  Street Speech provides a voice for people who experience homelessness, especially those who are most vulnerable.  Vendors earn extra income by selling the paper on the streets of Columbus.  The paper covers topics such as affordable housing, employment and living wages, shelters, homeless camps, health care, addiction and recovery, and community services.  


Street Speech lifts up the voices of people who experience homelessness in our community.  It gives people a chance to talk with vendors and get to know them.  Street Speech is also a tool for identifying gaps in services and policies for those experiencing homelessness. Articles highlight “best practice” approaches that can help bring individuals and families out of homelessness.


What does street speech do?

Here is a free copy of the May 2020 edition of the Street Speech publication so that you can see how much dedication goes into writing this newspaper. 

How can I get street speech?

If you would like to explore being a vendor for STREET SPEECH, would like an annual subscription to the newspaper for $25, or are interested in volunteering, contact us at: or 614-228-1342 to find out the details. You will be supporting their initiative and learning about their lives.