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Ending Homelessness through Education and Advocacy

Why Should I Get Involved?

The Columbus Coalition for the Homeless believes in social and economic justice for all people. This includes the right to equal access to basic necessities such as decent and affordable housing, clean, warm and appropriate clothing, a balanced diet, affordable healthcare, quality education, suitable employment, and a living wage. Those who call the streets home and fill the shelters each night are often denied these essential rights. Our society has the resources, and responsibility, to confront this injustice; however, the effectiveness of our response will be limited until there is a community-wide effort to end homelessness.

To identify injustice and speak out against it is to build a basis for a better society. To share in our abundance with those less fortunate is to recognize inequality and endeavor to overcome it. To give freely of one’s time and energy working toward solutions is to take responsibility for a better tomorrow.

What can I do to Help?

Join the Coalition

By becoming a member of the Columbus Coalition for the Homeless you will be helping to advocate for those who are among the most vulnerable in our society. Also, becoming a member will allow you to educate yourself about the problem of homelessness and make informed decisions about how you will combat this injustice. Please fill out the following and send an envelope to the address listed with a check for the appropriate amount of dues.

Everyone is invited to attend the membership meetings on the first Wednesday of every month at 9:00 am.
The meeting is held at West Park United Methodist Church, 89 West Park Avenue, Columbus, OH 43222

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am a homeless person or a person in the first year of supportive housing and would like to join the Coalition at no cost for dues.

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Give to the Coalition

To maintain our work toward ending homelessness the Columbus Coalition for the Homeless relies on contributions from the community. These investments come in the form of money or volunteer activity to continue our education and advocacy programs.  Make a contribution now – and thanks for your support – Coalition donation link


The Coalition is in need of volunteers in several areas. Almost all of our work and activities are made possible only with help from volunteers. Since we do not provide direct services, we suggest that those individuals interested in working one to one with homeless persons should contact our member organizations.

Ready to step up and help? Fill out the volunteer contact form to let us know.

If you are interested in volunteering with one of our partner organizations you can download a list here.

The Coalition needs help in the following areas:

Fundraising: Contacting corporations and individuals to develop viable methods of bringing in funds to operate the organization and support its programming.

Our Committees and Events

Participation in the Continuum of Care

This committee serves as a group providing input, direction and technical expertise decision-making process for HUD-funded programs serving homeless persons. Composed of local community agency representatives the group reviews both new and renewal proposals and submits their recommendations for funding to the Technical Review Committee. In addition, the group participates in the monitoring of HUD-funded programs to assure that improvements are made, when programs fail to meet defined standards.

Marsha Donner Mother’s Day Brunch

Marsha Donner founded Partners in the Promise in 1996, an organization that seeks to build solidarity among various peace movements throughout the world through the common denominator of women and motherhood. Donner believed that mothers could use their influence to advocate for peace and manifest prosperity throughout the world. Unfortunately, Donner contracted cancer and died in 2000. However, her legacy lives on through the annual Marsha Donner Mother’s Day Brunch organized by the Columbus Coalition for the Homeless (CCH).

Each Mother’s Day, the Coalition holds its annual Mother’s Day Brunch. The brunch is a celebration to recognize the importance of mothers and motherhood, with a special invitation extended to currently and formerly homeless mothers and their children.

According to a brunch volunteer, “It’s important to acknowledge people who are in difficult times right now. It’s important to be a mother; it’s significant to be a mother. This is something where we can celebrate them, to recognize them. Even though they may not be in the best circumstances right now…they can still feel loved.”

According to a mother who attended the event, “This is important to me. With everything I‘ve been through, I want to make memories for the future.”
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Mothers who experienced homelessness treated to a meal, family portrait

Dominican Sisters of Peace Receive Marsha Donner Humanitarian Award

Interfaith Memorial Service

This event is held every year, on or near the longest night of the year, to honor and remember those who have passed away who were homeless or formerly homeless. The service is attended by representatives from various faith backgrounds. It is concluded with a candle lighting ceremony to honor our friends.