The Columbus Coalition for the Homeless is dedicated to finding and creating employment solutions for homeless individuals.  Homeless persons have a high unemployment rate due to various barriers.

Coalition Initiatives

Street Speech: Street Speech is a street newspaper program started by Coalition VISTAs in 2007.  Since then it has grown from a monthly to a bimonthly periodical, with a circulation of about 6,000 per issue and 12,000 per month.  The newspaper employs approximately 40 vendors monthly.  In addition to employment, Street Speech serves an advocacy function, covering issues of relevance to homeless and other low-income people.

If you would like to explore being a vendor for STREET SPEECH, would like an annual subscription to the newspaper for $25, or are interested in volunteering, contact us at: info@columbushomeless.org or 614-228-1342 to find out the details.