Educating Central Ohio about Homelessness

 What is a Speaker’s Bureau Presentation?

In short, a presentation of information about homelessness. Typically, a member of the Coalition staff will present basic information about homelessness, and then a currently or formerly homeless individual will share his/her story with the listeners. Presentations can be adapted to different age groups, special interests or time constraints.

Who Should Hear a Speaker’s Bureau Presentation?

Any group that has an interest in working toward ending homelessness in our community is invited, and encouraged, to request a Speaker’s Bureau presentation at their next meeting or group function. We can develop presentations for church groups, neighborhood groups, or community service organizations. We will provide a presentation for anyone who is willing to learn about homelessness and become an active part of the solution.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Columbus Coalition for the Homeless believes that Speaker’s Bureau presentations are a profitable investment in increasing knowledge and awareness of homelessness. Thus, there is no set charge for our presentations. We do request that if a homeless or formerly homeless person participates in the program that $25 be given to that individual but the fees are always flexible based on the length of the presentation and the ability of the host group to pay.

How do you arrange for a speaker for your organization?

Contact the Columbus Coalition for the Homeless by calling (614) 228-1342 by clicking ‘Contact‘ at the top of this site, or by emailing us at