Alternatives for Homeless Camps

Coalition Position Paper, Focus Group Results, and Camp Models

Position Paper – Surviving Homelessness – New Solutions for Living on the Land – 10-07-19

Results from Focus Groups with Camp Residents – Summary of Camp Focus Groups 2019

Camp Models – Camp alternative Grid and Photos 01-10-20

New Models for Sanctioned Homeless Camps

Seattle’s City-Permitted Villages – Seattle city permitted camps

Sanctioned Camps in Oakland and other cities – City sanctioned homeless camps

Tiny House Village – Seattle – Tiny house village in Seattle

Sacramento Approves Tiny Home Village for Homeless Youth – Tiny Home Village for Youth

Legal Issues

Cities May Not Punish Homeless for Sleeping on Public Property – Martin vs. Boise

Health and Safety Laws May Violate Equal Rights of Homeless – Case Law Review

Restrooms, Showers, Laundry

Fixed Restroom Facility – the Portland Loo – Portland Loo

Fixed Shower Facility – Mary Magdalen House in Cincinnati – Mary Magdalen House

Portable Showers – Lava Mae in San Francisco Bay Area – Lava Mae

Portable Laundry – Orange Sky Australia – Orange Sky

Camp Destruction

Letter to Columbus Dispatch from Coalition Board Member Jim Rose April 2019 – Letter to Dispatch Editor – 4/7/19

Fresno California Petition Demanding an End to Homeless Camp Demolition – Fresno Petition

Trump Considering Crackdown on Homeless Camps in California – Washington Post article from 9/10/19

Support Services

Housing, Shelter, and Engagement strategies – National Alliance to End Homelessness article – 7/26/17

Comprehensive Street Outreach – Pathways to Housing – Washington, DC