Advocating For Social Justice

The Coalition advocates for social justice by identifying gaps in the existing array of services. ‘Holes” in the system are brought to the attention of service providers and umbrella organizations, and if necessary, city and county officials. At times, Coalition staff find temporary ways to address immediate needs.

What can we all do to help?

Citizens can assist the Coalition by advocating for more and better services for those experiencing homelessness by talking directly with or writing to officials, government representatives, and by joining in advocacy efforts. Opportunities are highlighted at monthly Coalition meetings.

Street Speech Newspaper

The development of “Street Speech” was a logical outgrowth of the Coalition’s mission to advocate for those experiencing homelessness and educate the central Ohio community about homelessness. It is a tool of empowerment and provides a voice for those experiencing homelessness and their advocates. Issues addressed include access to safe and affordable housing, employment, a livable wage, and quality health care and community services. Street Speech is also a tool to eradicate myths about homelessness and those experiencing homelessness – e.g., stereotypes that generalize those experiencing homelessness as uneducated, lacking work ethic, “dirty,” or criminals. Contrary to common misconceptions, children and families are the largest growing group of homeless persons in the US. It is Street Speech’s agenda to set the record straight, tell facts as they are, and debunk erroneous information. Finally, Street Speech is also a tool for underscoring gaps in services and policies for those experiencing homelessness. Articles expose (and at times resolve) ineffective, unethical, and at times harmful practices, in addition to highlighting “best practice” approaches or promising policies that can help bring individuals and families out of homelessness.

pick up a copy for a donation from a licensed vendor. They are easily spotted wearing a brightly colored badge. You will be supporting their initiative and learning about their lives.

If you would like an annual subscription to Street Speech for $25, contact us at and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Hate Crimes against Homeless Individuals

Columbus Coalition for the Homeless is actively working to reduce hate crimes. We need your help. If you observe or were the victim of an activity which you believe is (or might be) a crime or an act of abuse or mistreatment committed against someone who may be homeless, please file a report with us.

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Homeless camps

Below are some photos taken from Columbus area ‘Homeless Camps’.