Our Mission

Education, advocacy, and empowerment for homeless people and programs. We are a small, grass-roots organization and your support makes a big difference!  Contributions can be sent to Columbus Coalition for the Homeless, 89 West Park Avenue, Columbus, OH 43222.

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Join the Coalition

Please become a member!  A $25 donation supports the work of the Coalition. You will also receive an e-copy of the Street Speech newspaper from the previous month. Join the monthly Coalition Membership meeting – the first Wednesday of each month from 9 AM to 10 AM (virtual meetings for now).

Street Speech

Street Speech is back!  Sales have been very slow due to the corona virus, though.  Vendors need your support!  Please buy a copy of Street Speech from vendors wearing official badges.  Anything you can give is helpful!

How to Access Emergency Shelter

For those seeking shelter, note that there is ONLY ONE WAY to enter a shelter for single adults and families (adults with children).

CALL  614-274-7000  24/7.

Click HERE for information about shelters and other services for people in need through HandsOn Central Ohio.


Donation Drive for COVID-19 - masks and gloves needed!

The Columbus Coalition for the Homeless is collecting masks and gloves for residents of homeless shelters, homeless camps, and people living on the street.  If you can help with a donation of these items, please contact us.  We will accept curbside donations Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 AM to 2 PM at the Coalition office – 89 West Park Ave., Columbus, 43222.  Just call ahead – 614-228-1342 to make sure we can collect your donation.  Thanks!